What are the benefits of a butlers pantry

The 5 reasons to install a butler’s pantry that you didn’t even know you needed

Whether you’re brainstorming ideas for a new kitchen design and build, planning a full house renovation makeover, or trying to spruce up your cooking life with a custom kitchen renovation, there is always that lingering feeling that you’ve missed something. There is nothing worse than completing your renovation, loving it, going to a friend’s house and finding a new idea that would have worked perfectly for you. Don’t let that thing be a butler’s pantry. Butler’s pantries are a multipurpose addition to any sized kitchen. 

A butler’s pantry is suitable for any home, with considered planning they can usually be worked into the design of your kitchen. For those who are uninitiated, a butler’s pantry is like a walk-in robe for your kitchen. Common design elements include shelving, cupboards, and a benchtop. Initially designed as a space for butlers to prepare the meals for serving before taking them to the dining room, today they have evolved into much, much more. 

Butler’s pantries can come in an array of shapes, sizes and designs. As mentioned above there is the common design of extra shelving with a small workbench, but that is by no means the limit. As any good kitchen designer will tell you, a butler’s pantry can be moulded into any design. Some people opt for effectively a second kitchen, while others might want to keep it simple, the choice is really up to you. 

Butler’s pantries sound like they will require alot of extra space that you probably don’t think you have. Luckily, Tamara Jane Kitchens specialises in custom made kitchens, so know that we can create a butler’s pantry can be tailored to fit into most floor plans. Regardless, let us have a look at 5 of the best reasons your kitchen isn’t complete without a butler’s pantry. 

  • The number one storage solution

The most obvious benefit of a butler’s pantry is that you are adding handy and versatile storage space to your kitchen. Options here are endless, you can opt for a design that might include a drinks cupboard or wine rack to keep all those bottles neatly filed away till you need them. Furthermore, it is a great place to put all of your big bulky items, such as cooking oil, rice, and flour. Those essential items that you don’t need hogging all the space in the smaller pantry of your main kitchen area. 

  • Keeping clutter and mess out of sight

Beyond being a storage mule the butler’s pantry can be a great place to shuttle some messy items out so that your main kitchen remains clean. We’ve all had those horrible moments when you’ve just been too busy to finish the cleaning and you have a guest about to arrive. If it’s a couple of dirty pots that still need soaking or an older appliance that works fantastically but is a bit heavy on the eyes. Let all your worries subside and simply move them into the butler’s pantry, out of sight. 

  • A place to keep bulky appliances

Blenders, Juicers, Toasters, Rice Cookers, Kettles, Sandwich Presses, and Slow Cookers are all staple kitchen appliances. Another thing they have in common is they all take up more space than we’d ideally like. If left out, they take up almost all the bench space and leave it feeling cluttered and overwhelming. If you try to store them away in cupboards, you no longer have space left for plates and glasses. Furthermore, for items like the toaster or sandwich press, you end up with crumbs falling out after every use. Storing these larger items in a butler’s pantry can, firstly, make them more accessible, especially if it’s designed to have them in a usable position. Secondly, it can alleviate the stress you didn’t even know you had when you come home and see a nice clear and empty kitchen. 

  • Best prep space available 

When you’re hosting a dinner party, the in-laws, or simply having a few friends around you don’t want to be spending all your time cutting and preparing food. There is an easy enough solution, you can just do all the prep before they come so it’s ready to go when you need it. The only problem is now your entire kitchen area is covered in trays of half-ready food. With a butler’s pantry you can have it both ways, a clean-looking kitchen, and the time to spend with your guests. Once everything is prepared you can hide it away in the butler’s pantry then bring it out as you need, you could have a five-course meal all prepared your guests would be none the wiser.  

  • Bonus benefit

Have you ever needed some time away for your guests or family, maybe just a quick break to refocus, destress or troubleshoot? The butler’s pantry makes a great little hideaway nook for you to confide in your thoughts. 

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