The Only 6 Gorgeous Kitchen Styles You Need in 2022

Thinking about remodelling your kitchen but not sure where to start? With so many different styles and designs on offer, it can become difficult to make a decision on what style suits you and the rest of your home. In the following article, we break down some of the most popular kitchen styles of the 21st century so that you can be well equipped to choose a style that is right for your kitchen renovation. From industrial to Mediterranean, here are 6 kitchen styles that have been popularised around the world. 


A classic kitchen style is incomplete without white/cream cabinets, simple architecture and black/brown accents. Think of a typical, classical kitchen, with a simple yet functional design. It’s a plain, clean look that can be personalised with decorations and ornaments once finished. A classic kitchen is essentially a clean slate where any style of lighting or furniture can be added to create a personal touch. This means that the decoration created by the kitchen designer does not necessarily need to be paired with the architectural design of the kitchen itself. 


Kitchen designers have found that the modern kitchen style is becoming increasingly popular within homes across the country. They are typically characterised by their sleek, sophisticated and uncluttered design, featuring lots of square shapes and horizontal lines across the cabinets and surrounding features. They generally feature little decoration to create a modern feel and highlight the natural beauty of the materials used. Colour schemes may vary, but will often feature whites, creams, greys, blacks and browns. If you’re considering a new kitchen installation for your contemporary style house, a modern style kitchen is sure to fit right in. 


To create a cottage style kitchen in your home, you’ll want to create something simple that reflects the past. They are inspired by smaller historical kitchens that are designed to feel cosy, warm and comfy. They often feature wooden floorboards, beadboard, simple cupboards and draws and vintage kitchen utensils. They are also open to feature any style of decoration or ornamentation. The cottage style kitchen is defined by their original features that create a unique sense of charm and character. It’s important to ensure that whilst the features are a vital aesthetic addition to the kitchen, they should also be just as practical. Include plenty of shelving and storage space and try to keep decorations away from food preparation areas. The colour scheme should follow a retro theme featuring light blues, light greens and white colours. 


Industrial kitchens are another style that is taking off in Australia and across the rest of the world. They feature raw, textural materials such as brick, concrete, metal and wood. Exposed surfaces and a rough appearance will suit this style perfectly. The styles takes hints from historical styles which prioritise practicality and functionality. However, it is quickly becoming modernised, featuring sleek furnishings and bench tops that would fit into many modern homes. The colours will usually feature red bricks, paired with dark coloured benchtops, cabinets and furnishings. Brass is also commonly used for taps and other metal pieces such as door handles. Most kitchen designers will jump at the opportunity to create an industrial kitchen, simply because of how great they can look.


If you’re seeking a new kitchen installation that captures the charm of your home, a country style kitchen could be the option for you. A country style kitchen captures the essence of old-style country living combined with practical and modern features. Cabinets will often be constructed with wood and either left as is or painted white. Ceramic decorations are highly suited to this style, as are country/farm styled ornaments. Copper pots and retro themed cooking appliances and utensils will also match the style very well. The colour scheme is open to interpretation, but will often feature earthy colours, reds, yellows and shades of white. Talk to your kitchen designer to discuss potential design options that will match your home style. 


As the name suggests, the Mediterranean style takes inspiration from the countries that border the Mediterranean Sea, including Italy, France, Spain and Egypt. Wooden cabinets and benchtops, painted tiles, beamed ceilings and arched alcoves are all popular features of the Mediterranean style. Tiles will often be artistically displayed around the kitchen, and can be used to create personalised splashbacks from terracotta or other tiles. Bright blue and green colours are often used to create a point of difference in the kitchen, with various colours being used for accents. Speak to your kitchen remodeler to discuss which colours would suit best as accents in your design. 

If you’re thinking about updating the style of your kitchen and creating a new custom made kitchen in the near future, make sure you choose from one of these popular kitchen styles. If you’re looking for a kitchen remodeler who will create high-quality, custom-made kitchens in Bayside Melbourne or the Mornington Peninsula, look no further than Tamara Jane Kitchens. Contact our team of professionals by phone on 03 9087 1586, or by email at We’re able to create custom kitchens in any style, turning your ideas into a reality.